Why blind box pins are popular

Why blind box pins are popular? Let us understand this very popular topic together today.

The origin of the blind box

Blind boxes originated in Japan in the late Meiji period, when Japanese department stores put some low-priced products into lucky bags during promotional activities during the New Year period. The contents of the lucky bag will not be disclosed in advance, but goods that are higher than the price of the lucky bag are often placed. This new type of marketing has successfully captured consumers’ curiosity. As a result, department stores have achieved good performance and consumers have satisfied their curiosity. Since then, the concept of blind boxes has become popular.

Why blind box pins are popular?

Blind box pins are usually linked to hot topics. Such as very popular anime, cartoon characters, or movie characters. The designer designs exquisite patterns based on popular IP, with many styles and limited sale. This method attracts a large number of fans, and the hobby of collecting and the uncertainty of blind boxes make consumers crazy about it.Generally speaking, the price of blind boxes is acceptable to ordinary consumers.

Famous blind box lapel pin brand

The current world-famous blind box brands include: Bubble Mart, Blindlunch , Harry Potter. SonnyAngel, 52TOYS, etc.
Moreover, more and more companies join the trend of blind boxes and increase their contact with consumers.

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why blind box pins are popular