Custom made pins

Custom made pins Tips.It is not easy to customize a metal badge and choose a suitable design. Fortunately, this article will have some tips to help you complete the design of this badge. Follow these steps and you will get a satisfactory design

1. Know your goals
When designing your badge, please first think about your goals. For example, what is the purpose you want? Or what kind of goal do you want to achieve? Then use this as a logo as a metal badge logo to encourage employees or others to achieve this goal.
2. Control your creativity
Although you have a great and unique creative thinking, but you have to control the design when you use too much creative thinking. In other words, you should limit the colors you use and stick to some bold colors or the colors in your corporate logo. If you use too many colors, or the colors are too messy, because other colors have attracted too much attention, this will become a shortcoming of your design artwork.
In addition, you have to avoid overly complex designs that you use. Please note that the designed badge is on the badge and not on the poster. The purpose of the metal badge is to attract people’s attention to it, not to distract him. So it is not difficult to make a badge, but the difficulty is the design of this metal badge.

custom made pins

3. Consider size

There are many sizes of metal badges. But when designing the artwork, please consider how big you want your badge to be. For smaller designs, use less complicated designs. Avoid making your pin too large, as it may make it cumbersome for people to wear. Once you know the size of the pin, you will find it easier to design a suitable design.
4. Cooperate with professional manufacturers
If you want to create a great metal badge, you need professional guidance and production. We have more than ten years of experience in making custom metal badges for customers. If you know what design you want, we will make it a realistic badge. However, if you encounter difficulties in creating the design, we will be happy to help you. Please send us an email immediately and tell us what kind of information we need to provide.

custom made pins

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