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How to manufacture keychains?

1. First, you need to provide a hand-drawn draft or a painted draft image, as well as an electronic version of the drawing, or directly provide it to the keychain processing factory. If you are close to the Metal keychain manufacturer, you can go directly to the jewelry foundry to check the factory’s scale, processing strength, and product quality and quality. By the way, give them this information. If you are far away, you can send samples or design drafts directly.

2. After the factory receives your design draft or sample, it will communicate with you the details of the design draft in order to fully understand your keychain design draft.

3. The keychain processing factory will confirm the jewelry information with you, verify the first material, process requirements, and delivery date. For example, whether the processing type is processing with supplied materials, processing with contract labor, or processing with partial materials, the size and quantity of jewelry, material grade requirements, process requirements, production cycle, and delivery time.

4. The Metal keychain manufacturer factory will initially estimate the production price of the keychain, and then pay the cost of sample proofing. The 3D designer creates a 3D model on the computer, and then sends you the 3D model to further confirm the product details and make changes to you And adjustment. And the final price of the product is given.

5. After you confirm the 3D design pattern of the keychain, the factory will arrange to produce the finished product sample, and then send you to see the finished product effect. If the sample is no problem, it will enter the production link.

6. You need to pay 30% of the keychain production price as a deposit, and then the factory will arrange mass production.

7. After the production is completed, you will be notified to check and accept the goods, pay the fee, and the final payment is completed, and the factory will package and ship the goods.

8. Customized cooperation to complete logistics distribution

The above is an introduction to the key chain foundry cooperation process. Shenzhen Yuehui Gifts Co., Ltd. has 11 years of custom keychains  experience and 1000+ styles. It supports customized drawings and revisions

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