What is the purpose of medals?

What is the purpose of medals?

Winning MEDALS in science and technology, sports events, schools and other fields is the recognition and reward of one’s own ability and effort, which can realize one’s personal value and gain a sense of feet.

Medals For Athlete:


As a professional athlete, achievement is a sign of success, so you can get material returns, there are national, provincial and municipal awards, if you are a gold medal player, you can get more opportunities to take advertisements, the commercial value is greatly increased.

In fact, the income that athletes depend on is not the value of the medal itself, but the rewards that are usually added to the winning team in these competitions, as well as the national rewards for athletes, which are the main source of income for athletes. And those promotion fee or some other product, the more professional athletes, such ads to the less, because their career is enough to survive, such as our country is very famous tennis women’s singles player li na, hit a grand slam down is known to all, the final winner can get a bonus of usually have more than millions of dollars, and so much Prize money is also available over a long tournament period. So the longer the effort, the greater the reward, and the medal is more of an honor than an asset to be sold.

Medals For enterprise:


Little a medal although said may value is not big, but the morale, inspiring role is very big. Employees if it is to get the MEDALS can feel warm from the companies, for the old employees have excitation effect, have a role model for new employees the lead. Can encourage new employees to work more positive intentions, can to the next level in the future. So the MEDALS are not necessarily unique to sports industry, the company’s operation and management of the daily can also use a medal as a reward to be sent to employees.

MEDALS For The Military

Military MEDALS are badges of honor conferred by the government, the royal family or international organizations to individuals or groups for the purpose of praising and highlighting the recipient’s contribution to society, nation, country and humanity, including achievements in sports, military, scientific, academic or other major events. A medal is a symbol of honor for the recipient.

What Is The Purpose Of Medals