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As the earliest professional sport in the United States, baseball was the first professional league (the National Association, 1871-1875), which was founded in 1871. However, due to problems at the beginning, it was taken over by the current National League five years later.
In fact, Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of professional Baseball in North America. Founded in 1903 by the National League and the American League, it is one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States.

There were four short-lived professional leagues, the American Association (1882 — 1891), the United Association (1884), the Players’ League (1890), and the Federal League (1914 — 1915), in order of formation before the major League structure stabilized. The other pillar of the league is the American League, which was founded in 1901.
Due to the poor management of the National League, which led to a large number of layoffs of coaches and players, the American League has room to survive. The coaches and players cut by the NATIONAL League were absorbed by the American League, which eventually formed eight teams. Just because of this, two years later, the total audience of the American League began to surpass the National League. Because the American League constantly attracted the players of the National League to jump ship with high salaries, the National League agreed to negotiate with the American League in order to avoid mutual loss. By the end of 1902, the league had also unified the format, rules and administration, and a World Series was held, pitting the champions of the league against each other for the championship.

If you’re a baseball fan, you probably know about the Black Sox scandal. In 1919, the World Series broke out into the worst game fixing in major league history, known as the Black Sox Scandal. The two teams were the Cincinnati Reds of the National League and the Chicago White Sox of the American League.
The White Sox had the best record of the year and were widely favored to win the World Series, but the starting first baseman worked with a local professional bookie to buy off seven players who were unhappy with the White Sox owners and let the Reds win the game. At the end of the game, the Redskins beat the White sox five wins and three losses (then five wins out of nine). During the 1920 season, word spread that eight players had been sentenced to life in prison after federal prosecutors and a grand jury investigated. The federal judge in the trial, Randy Landis, was also appointed chief executive to restore fan confidence in major league baseball. Landis led the formulation of the Grand League Charter and the establishment of the inter-league governing mechanism, and the name “Grand League” began to be used at this time. Interestingly, the White Sox didn’t regain a World Series title until 2005.

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