The paris marathon is the most romantic marathon

The Paris Marathon is the most romantic marathon

Do you want to have a romantic marathon in Paris, the city of romance?

Start from the Arc de Triomphe, the symbol of victory, run down the champs-Elysees, the center of the bustling business district, past the Place de la Concorde, past the Louvre museum, past the Bastille Prison, past the Tuileries Gardens in the spring breeze of April, and embrace the Seine river, the lifeline of Paris. Past the Eiffel Tower, through the Bois de Bruni, past Notre Dame, past the Eiffel Tower and back on foch Avenue. Almost all of the tour-clocking points through Paris. If you take part in the Paris Marathon, you will be surrounded by some of the city’s most famous sights

The romantic trip to Paris continued until 2020, when the pandemic stopped it and it had to be postponed twice before it was finally cancelled. The organizers also announced the 2020 Paris Marathon runners, who will be eligible for 2021 if they choose.
If you love marathons, then the romance of the Paris Marathon, you must have it. This is probably the best place for you and Marathon to go on a date

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