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What are the enamel pins

An enamel pin, also known as an enamel pin or enamel pin, is a small size. Colorful and varied decorations. Today’s enamel pins are usually made of zinc alloy, copper, and iron. Enamel is fixed to a metal surface by baking or melting. Enamel pins originated in Europe in the Middle Ages and later gradually became popular around the world as a fashion accessory and collectible.

enamel pin custom eye-catching reasons

** Second, enamel pin eye-catching reasons **

1. ** Colorful ** : The most striking reason for enamel pins is the bright color, common colors are black, white, red, green, blue, purple and so on. These bright colors make the enamel pins very noticeable in a crowd.
2. ** Fine process ** : The production process of enamel pins needs to go through multiple processes, including design, drawing, engraving, die casting, polishing, coloring, firing and so on. Each process requires exquisite craftsmanship and strict control to ensure the quality and beauty of the final product.
3. ** Diverse themes ** : The theme of enamel pins is very diverse. Cartoon characters, movie characters these things are common themes. These themes not only make enamel pins of high artistic value, but also allow people to choose the right pin according to their own preferences and style. Corporate custom pins usually use logos and corporate slogans.

The use of enamel pins

Enamel pins are popular because of their small, delicate and colorful features. For social use, they are accessories that make you the center of attention. At the company’s annual meeting, they can motivate employees and increase employee solidarity. In the military, they can be used as a morale booster. Some organizations or groups also customize enamel pins with a specific theme as identification or promotional material

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  1. About how to design  enamel pins.

  2. We need to search for a shape we like. Round shapes account for 70% of lapel pin shapes. You can also make a statement with irregular shapes.

  3. Choose your favorite font. Fonts are very important, commonly used Microsoft fonts, Italian italics, etc. There are tens of thousands of fonts in the font library.

  4. Your LOGO, or any character or architecture you like can be used as design elements.

  5. Choose your favorite color from the Pantone color card.

  6. You need professional drawing software. For example, photo shop, Adobe Illustrator 2020, CorelDRAW 2019

  7. You need to find a professional factory to make artwork f for you.

How to design enamel pins

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