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The best type of promotional keychains

According to official statistics from the International Trade Association(, custom key chains are the most popular promotion item among low-value products.  From the point of view of company operation, providing consumers with promotional products they like can better improve the performance of your company.  Find The best type of promotional keychains  now 1, personalized bottle […]

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How to wear rings

We focus on custom metal ring, championship ring, BASEBALL MVP ring, college graduation ring Rings from ancient Rome began to continue today, in ancient Rome rings as a seal, is a symbol of power. Today the ring has become an everyday accessory, a symbol of our state of love.In everyday life, when it comes to

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How to choose cufflinks

How to choose cufflinks? If you do not know how to choose  cufflinks, you can refer to the following collocation. Office occasions: white shirt with transparent color or dark blue cuff links, dark blue or black tie is recommended, will produce a trustworthy feeling.Competition occasions: dark blue thick straight stripe shirt with metal texture cufflinks,

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Are cufflinks necessary?

Are cufflinks necessary? What is Cuffliks Cuff links as one of the clothing accessories. Originally originated in ancient Greece, cufflinks have been used as one of men’s costumes since the Gothic Renaissance. For men who pursue taste, cuff links have become the smallest decoration except for rings, and it is this cuff link that has

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Custom promotion gifts

Custom promotion gifts Enterprise activity strategy – promotion gifts custom Large event promotions are status-oriented business meetings and event gatherings. The more effective promotions are usually carried out in a way that is more risky and budget oriented, and at the same time, more effective The significance of enterprises giving gifts to customers The purpose

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