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Custom belt buckle maker

Belt buckle manufacturer Shenzhen Yuehui Gifts CO.,Ltd Address:No.53 Wushi Rode,Kengzi Town,Shenzhen ,China +8613530105134 About us A factory focusing on the production of belt buckles We are Custom belt buckle maker Shenzhen Yuehui Gifts Co., Ltd. mainly produces and develops belts and buckles. In terms of development, we have our own R&D and design team,

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Metal keychains maker

The keychain is a must-have product in daily life, which can prevent you from losing your key. It is also a very good gift, which can be used in many occasions. How to customize your personalized keychain? Yuehui Gifts provides you with a guide as a professional metal keychains  maker 。 Choose material Generally speaking,

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Commemorative coins custom made  Everyone knows about commemorative coins. The materials of  coins usually include zinc alloy, copper, silver, and gold. These common materials are generally used for events, company anniversaries, annual meeting employee rewards and other scenes.       Commemorative coins are usually customized for commemorative purposes. Commemorative coins should be some kind

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Metal gifts process

Customized process of metal gifts  Selection. According to the materials and requirements provided by the customer, we will give the most suitable quotation and plan for the customer to choose. We will be online 24 hours a day to provide one-to-one design and order tracking services. Design product artwork. The general artwork design is designed

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