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How are enamel pins manufacturer? Before starting to cooperate with metal badge manufacturers, you must first understand what you want

How are enamel pins manufacturer?

There are many custom badge merchants to choose from. A search on the Internet will show many metal manufacturers, but you must first understand what you need before cooperating. Common badges are made of metal, and different materials have different prices. Very cheap badges are made of iron, but badges made of copper are the most durable, while badges made of zinc alloy are the most common. Badge manufacturers can plate the badges in different colors, such as: gold, silver, copper and more colors.

There are different types of badges to choose from, which can be conveniently selected from craftsmanship and accessories.
Common crafts include baking varnish crafts and enamel crafts. The biggest difference between the paint process and the enamel process is: the badge of the paint process has a metallic raised texture, and you can clearly see the color difference between them before. The enamel process is smooth to the touch and has no bumps. The color of the baking varnish process is bright and the distinction is obvious, while the enamel process is more beautiful.
The common metal badge accessories include plastic hats, metal butterfly hats, high-end flat top hats, high-end pointed hats and safety pins. Different accessories also have different prices.

If you don’t need a special design, you can choose badges with recognized symbols, such as animals, flags, symbols, and emoticons. As long as the minimum purchase quantity is reached, the cost of design or mold can be avoided.

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